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Registrant's guide - How to act in substance evaluation

(in English)

Practical Guides aim to help duty holders to fulfil their obligations in relation to the REACH Regulation (or "REACH"). They provide practical tips and advice and explain ECHA’s processes and scientific approaches. Practical Guides are produced by ECHA, under its sole responsibility. They do not replace the formal Guidance (which is established under the formal guidance consultation process involving stakeholders) that provides the principles and interpretations needed for a thorough understanding of the requirements of REACH. However, they explain, in a practical way, specific issues presented in the formal Guidance. ECHA invites interested parties to submit experiences and examples to be incorporated in future updates of this document. These can be submitted using the contact form.

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Registrant's guide - How to act in substance evaluation. 

2. edition. Helsinki: European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) 2022. 
ISBN: 978-92-9481-472-2, pages 32, PDF-Datei, DOI: 10.2823/719957

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