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How to act in dossier evaluation

The purpose of this practical guide is to explain in simple terms your duties regarding the content of your registration dossier and how the dossier is processed under dossier evaluation. The guide aims to give you and the other recipients of a draft or adopted decision information on how to act after receiving the decision. It also highlights the opportunities and obligations that you as registrants have in making sure that your dossier is compliant with the REACH Regulation. The guide also reminds you of your other obligations, such as data sharing, to make sure the information is generated in a reasonable manner and demonstrates the safe use of chemicals.

Bibliographic information

How to act in dossier evaluation. 
1. edition. Helsinki: European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) 2019. 
ISBN: 978-92-9020-972-0, pages 30, PDF-Datei, DOI: 10.2823/58792

download file "How to act in dossier evaluation" (PDF, 1,36 MB, Not barrier-free file.)