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Articles - Requirements for Producers, Importers and Distributors

In the case of articles, questions arise under the REACH Regulation about how to differentiate between the term "article" and the terms "substance" and "mixture". Furthermore, companies that produce or supply articles have obligations to inform their recipients, who may be processors, distributors or users of articles, or consumers. In certain cases, they also have obligations towards the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA).

This brochure provides information on the various obligations of producers, importers and suppliers of articles under the REACH Regulation and provides a number of answers to the question of when an object is a substance or a mixture and when it is an article.

This is the English translation of the fourth, revised edition. The brochure has been fundamentally updated to include information on calculating the SVHC content in articles.

Bibliographic information

Articles - Requirements for Producers, Importers and Distributors. 
4. edition. Dortmund: 2020. 
ISBN: 978-3-88261-293-6, pages 56, PDF-Datei, Papier, DOI: 10.21934/reach:info20200903

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